Company History

Company History

A Heritage of Innovation

Quality and service have been a family tradition for three generations. Today, The Parts Department prides itself on providing premium quality products at competitive prices while delivering the best customer service in the industry. Our core values find their roots in our company’s independent and enduring leadership. The family business was born just after World War II in the greater Los Angeles area.

From 1947 until the present, three generations of Ehrlich’s have worked tirelessly to build what has become The Parts Department today. For the last twenty two years, The Parts Department has flourished from a heritage of innovation, talent, and core principals. From a scrap metal business to an auto wrecking entity and finally honed into auto parts experts, the tradition of excellence continues to guide the company today.


The Parts Department, Inc.’s success comes from commitment of our team members dedication to our corporate values:

  • Business is conducted between people, therefore relationships are our highest priority
  • Dedication to solving every challenge, both large and small
  • Providing educated and knowledgeable solutions
  • Providing only the highest quality product at the fairest price
  • Always conducting business with the utmost integrity